New Media Portfolio

New Media Certificate

A large portion of the technical and professional skills I have today are ones I picked up at the New Media Institute. The most obvious of these include coding skills in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript, but my New Media Certificate journey also helped me develop soft skills like professional communication and collaboration. I entered the NMI as someone who was somewhat technologically challenged and left being capable of bulding and maintaining websites, content management systems, training software, and more. The NMI played an important role in my own personal and professional growth over the past several years, and I am extremely proud of my involvement in the program.

4110 New Media Production

New Media Production was my first experience with front-end web development. I entered the course with zero practical experience with coding or web design, and I finished fully capable of creating functional, responsive and visually-appealing web sites. Topics explored in this course included basic HTML and CSS, creating responsive and mobile-friendly sites using the Bootstrap 4.0 front-end framework, setting up easily-sites using the WordPress content management system, and basic Javascript and JQuery.



4510 New Media Capstone

Capstone was my New Media trial by fire. The class was divided into teams of students, and each team was assigned a semester-long project that utilized cutting edge technology to solve some type of problem. My group was tasked with developing an online training program for the University of Georgia Police Department that teaches officers how to treat sexual assault survivors with empathy. With help from the police and the UGA School of Social Work, we set up a module based training system that can be accessed from anywhere and be perpetually updated based on a software called Adapt Learning.

All work related to the project an be found at the project website.

The Capstone project really tested the skills I’ve learned in previous classes. Building the project website forced me to dig deep into HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. It was my first time designing a site that I actually expected people outside of my class to look at, and it taught me a great deal about design philosophy and user experience. Putting together the project trailer was also a fun and challenging experience that had me opening Premiere windows I never even knew existed.

In terms of soft skills, the project gave me a taste of the real new media workplace experience. Working as part of a team of indivduals with diverse skillsets and interests was a fantastic experience. I learned a great deal about cooperation and communication, and by the end of the project we established a group dynamic that significantly enhanced the smoothness of workflow and quality of work. Experiencing working directly with real clients was also invaluable. Getting to work with the School of Social Work and UGA Police was a unique opportunity that helped me gain a better understanding of the dynamic of professional working relationships.

Capstone really felt like the stepping stone I needed to transition from the end of my college experience to the beginning of my professional career. I’ll look back fondly on my final semester at the New Media Institute, and I’m grateful for the valuable skills and experiences I gained along the way.