Publication-style CMS Mastery

For my final semester project in the New Media Production class, I chose an assignment that would allow me to combine all of the skills I accrued over the semester. Using the content management system WordPress I created an online video game news site that also incorporates elements of Bootstrap, custom CSS, and Javascript.

The main feature of the home page is the countdown timer displayed at the top of the home page. The timer counts down to the release date of a specified game and displays the count in real time in days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

I created this timer using a tutorial on Javascript30. The timer created in the tutorial is originally meant to function as a simple kitchen timer, counting down a number of seconds input by the user or specific intervals attached to buttons on the page.

The real challenge was implementing the timer into my WordPress theme. It was simple enought to link a Javascript file to an HTML document, but WordPress was a different story. After trying and failing with several different solutions found online, I was finally able to find one that worked. I installed a plugin called Simple JS Paste which can be used to add Javascript to a specific page or post.

The rest of the site is laid out like a standard news publications. The stories (articles borrowed from the outlet Rock Paper Shotgun) are implemented as posts and organized into categories. Stories can are by category and also appear in featured and most recent sections on the home page. Certain categories are also located on separate pages for easier access.

By the end of this project I felt much more comfortable working with and setting up a CMS like WordPress. I developed an eye for finding a well-made theme that facilitates easy content management and provides tools for responsive and visually-appealing design. I also developed a habit for finding useful plugins that allow for more specialized and advanced implementations. I am now confident that I have the level of experience with content management systems necessary to work with and manage one in a professional setting.